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Ronald McPherson


Ronald McPherson

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Hello, my name is Ron McPherson, and I am the pastor here at Edinburg Baptist Church and I would like to thank you for visiting our web page and taking an interest in Edinburg Baptist Church.

     First off, I would love to introduce you to the Good looking one in this picture, and that is my lovely wife, Amy. Her and I have been together since 2005 and we have 5 great kids, four boys and a girl, and 5 wonderfully spoiled grandkids that keep us busy. And just in case my wife might look familiar, you may have seen her at Mosaic in Trenton where she is a CMA and a Patient Care Representative.

   Now a little about me, I was born in Unionville Missouri and raised in Brookfield Missouri, and I was not always a pastor, or even a Christian or was not raised in a church. I have lived a life that has brought me great experiences and a life that has brought me great pain. I know what it like to be in a room full of people and feel completely alone and empty. I know what it's like to look at life around you and feel as if something was missing and really not sure what it is. I have worked on an assembly line in a factory and as a forklift driver in a freezer, I have loaded trucks and spread manure, I have been chased by an old sow that wanted to eat me, and bit and kicked by a horse that hated me. I proudly served my country in the U.S. Air Force where I was given a great opportunity to see much of Europe, and several places state side such as Texas, Colorado, Delaware, even back home here in Missouri. I have worked in a factory and on a farm as well as managed and run my own business. I have an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies; a Bachelor of Science in the Bible and I am currently working on my Masters in Christian leadership from Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly Missouri and in my spare time I love to hunt and fish, and maybe some day I can tell you how God sent a 14-point buck to save me from myself.

   I hope that you will join us here at Edinburg, we are not perfect here, but we love God, and work here to show that love to others, and we want to make everyone feel like family.